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Our services range from Intensive Facial Treatment, Kanebo Energylift Facial, Zone Specific Care Treatment, Mirco Needling Treatment, Body Treatment and Perfect Body Treatment.
About The Beauty Life

At The Beauty Life, it is our aim to fulfill your beauty needs. Our cosmetic treatments are in fact an art of relaxation to enhance and instill tranquility in your body, mind and soul.Be mesmerized by our range of treatments that are carefully selected using the most exquisite beauty life products. It is all about living beautifully, so allow us to be the artist to the beautiful art piece, which comes in the form of the beautiful you!

Our Services
Intensive Facial Treatment
  • Refreshing Facial Treatment
  • Radiance Facial Treatment
  • Deep Purifying Facial Treatment
  • Fundamental Treatment
  • Dermis Germanium Treatment
  • L-Arginine Treatment
  • Collagen Energylift Facial Treatment
  • Oxygenating Energylift Facial Treatment**

Kanebo Energylift Facial
  • Exquisite Skin. Exquisite Woman
  • Whitening Energylift Facial Treatment
  • Hydrating Energylift Facial Treatment
  • Skin Brightening Energylift Facial treatment
  • Impress Total Revitalization Facial Treatment
  • Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment

Zone Specific Care Treatment
  • Kanebo Intensive Eye Treatment
  • Hand Radiance Treatment
  • Waxing

Macro Needling - Roller Eye Treatment
  • Eye Bag**
  • Sluggish
  • Crow Feet
  • Dark Circle
  • Puffy Eye
  • Fine Wrinkle
  • Pigmentation & Dehydration

Macro Needling - Roller Face Treatment
  • A New Concept to Induce Collagen Naturally in your Dermal Layer **
  • Enchanced Regeneration & Rejuvenation into Younger Skin **
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Anti-Blemishes
  • Anti-Acne & Anti-Breakouts

Body Treatment
  • Refreshing Body Treatment
  • Back Massage with scrub & mask
  • Full Body Scrub
  • Stress Relief Body Treatment
  • Detoxifying Body Treatment **
  • Hotstone Body Treatment
  • Hotstone Body Treatment with Scrub
  • Beautiful Soft Skin & Refreshing Body Massage

Perfect Body Treatment
  • Abdominal Detox Treatment
  • Holistic Back with Arm Detox Treatment
  • Breast Firming & Lifting Treatment
  • Perfect Leg Remodeling Treatment

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