About Us


Explore the goodness of devouring Xiao Long Bao at Mitsu Xpress Sdn Bhd, a truly great place to enjoy authentic Cantonese Dimsum here in Kuching. Our Xiao Long Bao is handmade by Guangzhou Chef and best savoured when freshly served to experience the soft, delicate pork dumpling boasting of rich flavours and texture in every bite. Mitsu Xpress uses only the freshest and finest ingredients in making every dish and endeavours to deliver a comfortable and enjoyable dining environment to our customers at affordable pricing.

Here at Mitsu Xpress, we serve our dimsum freshly upon order, as FRESHNESS is our Priority! We welcome you to savour our dimsum at any time of the day and experience our specialty Xiao Long Bao – an unforgettable explosion of rich, steaming, hot soup oozing onto the groove of your tongue, definitely worth a try!


在這裡,“新鮮”是我們的優先考量!所以,我們只在顧客下單後才準備食物。中華美食麵館隨時歡迎貴客光臨,並享用我們的特產 - 小籠包,一個難以忘懷、香醇濃郁、熱騰騰的濃汁滲透您的每一個味蕾,非常值得一試!