About Us

Anyone who loves chicken rice would certainly love to visit the Chicking Eating House. Chicking, literally meaning Chicken King lives up to his name by doing what it does best, serving up delicious chicken rice. The Hainanese chicken rice will not dissapoint you, from the moment you see the glossy chicken skin, to the very last bite of its tender meat. Aside from the all time favorite Hainanese steamed chicken rice and roasted chicken rice, you can also try out their lemon chicken rice and salad chicken rice. Another variety to taste here is their signature Thai chicken rice, which has a crispy breaded coating, served with a zesty sweet and sour Thai sauce. The side dishes at Chicking are a great compliment to the chicken rice. One should not miss the Thai style tofu, soft white tofu deep fried to a golden brown crispy skin, and served with their sweet and sour thai sauce.