• Located at the south-western tip of Sarawak on the Datu peninsular, about 110KM from the Kuching City.
  • Tanjung Datu might be the smallest National Park in Sarawak with only just under 14 sq-km, but it is also one of the most beautiful.
  • The park comprises a rugged forest covered hill overlooking, the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and patches of coral reef.
  • The rich mixed forest captivated the water’s edge in some places, and this closed proximity of rainforest and coral reef-the two main most divers natural communities of own our planet.
  • The beaches really are undisturbed, the coral offshore is untouched and the forest trails are virtually untrodden.
  • This seclusion has helped to preserve wide range of unusual plants species, including the night blooming putat tree, which produced white and pink size tennis balls, huge umbrella palms and strangling fig , whilst the beaches are fringed with purple flower sea morning.
  • Animals life is equally rich and varied. Amongst the hundreds of bird species are at least three type of Hornbills as well as peacock
  • Primate include Borneon Gibbons, Pig-tailed Macques, Deer, Mouse Deer, Bearcat, Civet cats( Kucing Liar)  and various species of Squirrels are amongst the land of mammals that may occasionally been seen.
  • Reptile species include a variety of ground and tree lizards, as well as pit vipers and tree snakes.
  • This unpolluted crystal clear water of the south china sea supports a wide range of marine life, and the coral grows close inshore. A good location for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Highly endangered green turtles and the olive ridley turtles regularly lay their eggs on the parks beaches.
  • Therefore, a turtle hatchery has been established-a fence of area close to the beach which is totally protected and monitor by the park staff.
  • Tanjung Datu has four walking trails, offering a variety of Rainforest and beaches scenery as well as some spectacular coastal view.


  • Tour Itinerary of the Tanjung Datu National Park (3 days 2 night trip)

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