• Welcoming you at the entrance will be the ethnic tribe of Sarawak featuring the ladies of multi culture with their colorful costume greeting you.
  • SCV is a living museum offering an excellent introduction to 7 authentic ethnic house representing our local inhabitants of Sarawak.
  • This unique village is 38KM away from Kuching city and s 45 minutes’ drive along Kuching-Santubong road.
  • Bidayuh Long House (Land Dayak), Iban Long House (Sea Dayak) , Penan Huts, Orang Ulu , Melanau, Malay and finally the Chinese Farm House.
  • Observing their daily activities performed by the indigenous people, weaving of the “Puak Kumbu”, the making of sape , which is the musical instrument by the orang ulu , as well as baking traditional biscuits. This is part of the activities you going to be observe and end of the day you be entertained by a dance at the village theatre.


  • Tour Itinerary of the Sarawak Culture Village (Duration of 5 hours trip)

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