• Located 30KM from Kuching, the wetlands national park was gazzeted in 1992 and covers an area of 66.1KM on the estuarine and reaches of the sibu laut and salak rivers.
  • The park is composed a coastal, marine and freshwater ecosystem.
  • Pick up point from the hotel and take 45 minutes’ drive enjoying the scenic view of fishing village.
  • Exploring the river estuaries at the park and offer sighthings of estuarine crocodile, wild proboscis monkey, long tail macque ,siverleaf monkeys
  • A wide range of birds lifs, including kingfishes, white bellied sea eagles and other shore birds that can be found there
  • If you are lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse of the illusive Irrawaddy dolphins frolic around the estuaries either in the morning or at sunset
  • Kindly take note that these animals are wild and therefore, there is no guarantee that visitors will see them


  • Tour Itinerary of the Mangrove Wildlife Cruise (Duration of 3 hours)

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