• Gunung Gading is situated on the south western tip of Borneo and just an hour and half drive from Kuching
  • It also a home to the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia which can grow up to one meter in diameter.
  • When in bloom is gives off a nasty smell which attracts the flies and other insects
  • The rafflesia has no specific season in term of blooming, but rainy season provide better blooming frequencies.
  • It takes 9 months to matured and flowering last only 4 or 5 days before dying
  • November, December and January can be regarded as peak flowering season as the frequency is high.
  • Rafflesia rarity and brief flowering period, timing (and of course luck) are important.
  • Witnessing the blooming of the rafflesia is certainly the highlight of the trips to Gunung Gading
  • The rugged mountain peaks that make up the park scenic backdrop to the nearby town of Lundu.
  • Gunung Gading also has some enjoyable walks and challenging jungle track not to mention waterfalls which is nearby.
  • Beside the discovering the rafflesia you can also take up the summit trails which took (3-4 hours, 1 way)
  • As involve some serious hill walking. You have to complete the trails and return the same day as overnight staying in the forest is strictly prohibited
  • From the summit you can sight track to Batu Ba kubu, which was a former communist camp during the insurgency.


  • Tour Itinerary of the Gunung Gading National Park (Duration of 5 hours trip)

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